GeoWorldSim platform architecture consists of a simulation engine together with different enabler modules that support all simulation workflow. Each module is dedicated to independently covering one basic need in evaluating urban developments.

Datasources Module

Data-set registration and harmonisation module, to import simulation needed data. The Datasources module, provides heterogeneous data drivers for different sources and formats (e.g. transport networks, databases, CSV files, Fiware, online APIs).

Historic Module

Time-series storage designed to handle all data and events generated during an entire simulation. Within simulations, time is a meaningful component and therefore the Historic module allows querying entities’ status and changes over time.

Dashboards Module

Customizable visualizations analytics and monitoring module. The Dashboards module is the main road for users to interact with data of almost every part in the Geosimulation ecosystem providing a configurable viewport for the information produced, collected or transformed. It is though for users to configure multiple views, known as dashboards bringing different points of view of the system state.

Sandwich Module

A complex Logic building module designed to build data transformations in a visual and intuitive way. The Sandwich module is able to receive input event data in real-time, make a series of calculations and generate instantaneous KPI or alerts in reply to changing conditions.