DeustoTech Energy and Environment was created in 2008 to give response to the present and future needs of companies within the energy, water, waste management and urban sector. Sustainability and environment protection in terms of resource management, urban resiliency to climate change, and environmental protection has become a pressing matter in the last decades given the continuous evolution of socio-economic, demographic, behavioral and technological factors.

To tackle present and future sustainable environmental needs, DeustoTech Energy and Environment is a multidisciplinary group comprising Chemical Engineers, Telecommunications, Automation and Electronics, Computers and Industrial and Graduates in Physics and Mathematics. The group has participated in a wide range of projects led by highly prepared professionals: 7 doctoral researchers, 2 postdoc researchers, 5 PhD students and 2 research assistants. The main research lines of the Energy Unit are:

  • Environment and clean technology
  • Waste management based on LCA and industrial ecology
  • Calculation of sustainability indicators encouraging citizen participation
  • Analysis of energy efficiency and environmental impact of the use of electric vehicles
  • Intelligent water distribution systems
  • Smart grid and use of information