A Monitor and Analytics module designed to build UI elements (charts, maps, heatmaps, tables, etc.) around your data. This module allows to fetch data from your scenarios in real-time and interact with it.

All GeoWorldSim data visualisation is decoupled from the simulation engine into the Dashboards module. It provides a configurable viewport for each user to design its own information representation and transformations. Doing so, users get the power to configure multiple views by combining widgets to bring different points of view of the system state.

The Dashboards module can connect to several data sources:

  • Historic module: Intended to view the evolution of a scenario enabling goin back and forth in time. They allow setting a start and end date between which loading all the data or slide through time updating entities to the values they had back then.
  • Live mode: Dashboards for displaying the current state of a scenario. They make intensive use of the Sockets module for gathering changes in the attributes of agents and display them in different meaningful visualisations.