Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) strategies and calculator

Although proper recycling of different types of waste is a significant measure to be implemented in the framework of Zero Waste Ecosystems, the best practice of such ecosystems is, as the name suggests, to generate as little waste as possible.

Various behaviour-reinforcement measures can be put into place in order to reduce the amount of waste generated. A good example of effective protocols are the ‘Pay As You Throw’ (PAYT) strategies, which establish a waste-management tax that varies according to the waste generated by the individual: the more you generate, the more you pay. Also, if you do not recycle properly, it will be negatively reflected on your tax bill.

Paying for the usage of the waste disposal and collection system in a similar way to the electric and water network services develops a greater consciousness and engagement in the individual, reducing waste generation and improving disposal habits.

The PAYT calculator functionality of the Waste Management use case is an invoicing tool that outputs the waste-management tax of a given user in the framework of a given PAYT strategy.