Accessibility studies

The accessibility level of a given facility is a very important and interesting parameter to know in the framework of modeling and forecasting of Smart Cities.

GeoWorldSim provides tools to determine how accessible a facility is for a given user group. Apart from the intrinsic interest of the results of these studies for users with reduced mobility, the results can be used as an input for the electric transportation simulation module or the waste generation, disposal and collection simulation module embedded in GeoWorldSim (see figure below), helping policy makers take decisions.

For a more general or leisurely use, time spent in different daily activities or chores can be optimized by identifying the nearest facility of choice, thus reducing unnecessary travelling time.

Boxplot of the distance that citizens of Zamudio (Biscay, Spain) have to travel to access their closest packaging (yellow), residual (brown), glass (light green), organic (dark green) or paper (blue) container.